Where children take their first steps in education and faith.

Curriculum by Program
(age as of Sept. 1st of enrollment year)

Explorers 18 month olds

Investigators -  2 year olds

Preschool and Pre-K - 3 and 4 year olds


Curriculum Building Blocks
Children learn best through hands on interactions with a balance of group and individual activities that build on each child's successes.  Teachers create an array of interactive lessons, central to assisting each child in reaching targeted milestones.  Intentional exposure to our whole child approach will include:

Social/Emotional Development
  • Personal Character
  • Community Service
  • Global Citizenship
  • Chapel
Language/Early Literacy
  • Vocabulary
  • Alphabetic Principles
  • Pre-Reading Readiness
S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Creative Arts

  • Music and Movement
  • Fine and Gross Motor Development
  • Process and Inventive Art
  • Outdoor Learning and Play
Interests Areas
Classrooms are arranged with interest areas that reinforce our hands on approach, and allow children a chance to explore, predict, test, and interact with a wide range of materials.  Our learning environments and curriculum are designed to foster all aspects of a child's development.