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Meet our Staff

Director/Atrium Assistant Teacher

Assistant Director/Chapel and Atrium Teacher

Meet our Teachers

Our teachers have an average of 20 years of teaching experience each. Our small class sizes allow our teachers to give each child the care and attention they deserve. Click on each picture to learn more about each of our caring, dedicated teachers.  

Sruthi Sankar

Explorers Lead Teacher

Tracie Gomez

Explorers Assistant Teacher

Roxana Orijel

Investigators Lead Teacher

Investigators Assistant Teacher

Zoe Goyochea

Investigators Co-Lead Teacher

Fabiola Guardiola

Investigators Co-Lead Teacher

5 Day Preschool Lead Teacher

Carolina Villarreal

5 Day Preschool Assistant Teacher

Karen Smith

3 Day Preschool Lead Teacher

Cathy Parker

3 Day Preschool Assistant Teacher

Lorenia Suzuki

5 Day Pre-K LeadTeacher

Rocio Cisneros

5 Day Pre-K Assistant Teacher

Danielle Tenbusch

3 Day Pre-K Lead Teacher

3 Day Pre-K Assistant Teacher

Jackie Kincade

Science/Outdoor Nature Teacher

Andrea Guerra

Music and Movement Teacher