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Alyssa Campos

Pre-K Assistant Teacher

Years in Education/Early Childhood: 1 year

Years at Angel Creek Preschool: 1 year

Education: pursing a Bachelor Degree at the University of North Texas

Experience: Ms. Campos has previous experience working as an assistant teacher at a children’s daycare. Ms. Campos has also worked as a support teacher in all the classrooms at Angel Creek. 

Hobbies and Family: Ms. Campos has two younger brothers ages 18 and 5. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. Ms. Campos also loves being outdoors with her five dogs! 

Favorite place to be as a child: loved being outdoors with her family  

Favorite vacation place: Los Angeles, CA or anywhere with a beach

Homepage > About Us > Teachers > Angie Richardson

Angie Richardson

5 Day Pre-K Lead Teacher

Years in Education/Early Childhood: 27+ years

Years at Angel Creek Preschool: 3 years

Education: St. Joseph College, Indiana, graduated from the University of Indianapolis with a Bachelors – Elementary Education

Experience: Ms. Richardson has taught 3rd grade, Kindergarten, and has spent 20+ years teaching Pre-K. She has training in Orton-Gillingham and tutors dyslexia students.

Hobbies and Family: She is married with 3 children 23, 20 and 12 years old. She also has 3 dogs she adores!

Favorite place to be as a child: With her grandparents at Lake Michigan.

Favorite vacation place: Anywhere that is warm by a lake or beach. We love Destin, Florida!