For the young Explorer (18-23 months old), playing and learning are complementary. We understand that toddlers learn best through exploration, experimentation, discovery—and, most of all, fun. Play builds communication and motor skills, and facilitates social-emotional growth. We provide a variety of materials, environments, and activities for enriching playtime. 


Our Investigators (2 years old) are rapidly developing many new skills! Talking, listening, questioning and expanding vocabulary are all ways our teachers help build their understanding and enjoyment of the world around them. Playful learning develops our Investigator’s creativity, imagination, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.


The core of the Preschool (3 years old) Curriculum focuses on teaching self-awareness and fostering independence by helping your child master their self-help skills. Preschool is a step towards the independence of each child and we embrace the forging of new relationships with peers and teachers as an essential stepping stone for the child. The classroom is organized into learning pods designed to give children learning opportunities through play.

Pre - K

The core of the Pre-K (4 years old) Curriculum focuses on the development of the whole child. Key components are introduced during the Preschool program and reinforced throughout the Pre-K Program.

Curriculum Building Blocks

Children learn best through hands on interactions with a balance of group and individual activities that build on each child’s successes. Teachers create an array of interactive lessons, central to assisting each child in reaching targeted milestones. Intentional exposure to our whole child approach will include:

Social / Emotional Development

Personal Character

Community Service

Global Citizenship


Language / Early Literacy


Alphabetic Pronunciation

Pre - Reading Readiness

Music / Drama

Creative Art

Music / Drama

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Process and Inventive Art

Outdoor Learning and Play