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For the young Explorer (18-23 months old), playing and learning are complementary. We understand that toddlers learn best through exploration, experimentation, discovery—and, most of all, fun. Play builds communication and motor skills, and facilitates social-emotional growth. We provide a variety of materials, environments, and activities for enriching playtime. Explorers are naturally hard at work learning important physical skills as they gain muscle control, balance, and coordination. Our activities and educational materials are designed so that every child can explore and expand their physical, social, cognitive, and language abilities based on their individual stages of development. Our Explorers program provides a safe and happy environment for your child to learn to become more independent.


Our classroom has a maximum of 8-10 students with 2 teachers in the classroom. Our small class ratios help provide caring supervision of the students so they stay safe while they learn and play.


  • Early literacy and language skills: nursery rhymes, songs, and prayers
  • Develop physical skills: running, dancing, jumping, and climbing
  • Build fine motor skills: coloring, stacking blocks, shape sorting toys, creating with play dough
  • Dramatic play to foster creativity and imaginary play
  • Monthly units

Daily Activities

  • Outdoor learning and play (1-1.5 hours)
  • Creative art enrichment
  • Outdoor science enrichment and nature studies
  • Sensory and dramatic play
  • Outdoor music and movement
  • In class prayer and religious stories
  • Story time and vocabulary development

Parent Brightwheel App Notifications

  • Diaper changes (daily)
  • Nap time, if applicable (daily)
  • Eating amounts (daily)
  • Photos (daily)
  • Developmental milestones