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Our Investigators (2 years old) are rapidly developing many new skills! Talking, listening, questioning and expanding vocabulary are all ways our teachers help build their understanding and enjoyment of the world around them. Playful learning develops our Investigator’s creativity, imagination, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Investigators are given numerous opportunities to work on their spatial skills which are linked to strong math skills. In fact, children’s early math skills are a better predictor of their later school success than either early reading or social-emotional skills. Our Investigators are given plenty of time to experience new activities and to talk about what they are engaging in as they begin to develop as sense of independence in their school environment. 


Our classroom has a maximum of 8-10 students with 2 teachers in the classroom. Our small class ratios help provide caring supervision of the students so they stay safe while they learn and play.


  • Spatial development: stacking toys, building blocks, legos, action games, and puzzles  
  • Fine motor skills: gluing, painting, stringing items, puzzles, and using manipulatives
  • Gross motor skills: two-handed throwing, balancing, kicking a ball, and walking on a line
  • Early literacy skills: nursery rhymes, songs, vocabulary word games, and classroom library
  • Pre-literature writing skills: tracing, drawing, and scribble writing
  • Monthly units

Daily Activities

  • Outdoor learning and play (1-1.5 hours)
  • Creative art enrichment
  • Outdoor music and movement
  • Sensory and dramatic play
  • Outdoor science enrichment and nature studies
  • Story time and vocabulary development
  • In class prayer and religious stories

Parent Brightwheel App Notifications

  • Photos (daily)
  • Diaper changes (daily if applicable)
  • Eating amounts (daily)
  • Weekly summary of classroom activities
  • Developmental milestones